Source code for repobee_plug.pluginmeta

from typing import Dict, List

from repobee_plug import exception
from repobee_plug import corehooks
from repobee_plug import exthooks
from repobee_plug import containers

    key: value
    for key, value in [
    if callable(value) and not key.startswith("_")

class _PluginMeta(type):
    """Metaclass used for converting methods with appropriate names into
    hook methods.

    Also ensures that all public methods have the name of a hook method.

    Checking signatures is handled by pluggy on registration.

    def __new__(cls, name, bases, attrdict):
        """Check that all public methods have hook names, convert to hook
        methods and return a new instance of the class. If there are any
        public methods that have non-hook names,
        :py:function:`repobee_plug.exception.HookNameError` is raised.

        Checking signatures is delegated to ``pluggy`` during registration of
        the hook.
        methods = cls._extract_public_methods(attrdict)
        hooked_methods = {
            name: containers.hookimpl(method) for name, method in methods.items()

        return super().__new__(cls, name, bases, attrdict)

    def _check_names(methods):
        hook_names = set(_HOOK_METHODS.keys())
        method_names = set(methods.keys())
        if not method_names.issubset(hook_names):
            raise exception.HookNameError(
                "public method(s) with non-hook name: {}".format(
                    ", ".join(method_names - hook_names)

    def _extract_public_methods(attrdict):
        return {
            key: value
            for key, value in attrdict.items()
            if callable(value) and not key.startswith("_")

[docs]class Plugin(metaclass=_PluginMeta): """Base class for plugin classes. For plugin classes to be picked up by ``repobee``, they must inherit from this class. Public methods must be hook methods, i.e. implement the specification of one of the hooks defined in :py:mod:`~repobee_plug.corehooks.PeerReviewHook` or :py:mod:`~repobee_plug.exthooks.CloneHook`. If there are any other public methods, an error is raised on class creation. As long as the method has the correct name, it will be recognized as a hook method. The signature of the method is not checked until the hook is registered by the :py:const:`repobee_plug.manager` (an instance of :py:class:`pluggy.manager.PluginManager`). Therefore, when testing a plugin, it is a good idea to include a test where it is registered with the manager to ensure that it has the correct signatures. Private methods (i.e. methods prefixed with ``_``) carry no such restrictions. """