Source code for repobee_plug.containers

"""Container classes and enums.

.. module:: containers
    :synopsis: Container classes and enums.

.. moduleauthor:: Simon Larsén
import collections
import enum
import argparse
import pluggy
import typing

from typing import Mapping, Any, List, Optional, Callable, Iterable

from repobee_plug import exception

hookspec = pluggy.HookspecMarker(__package__)
hookimpl = pluggy.HookimplMarker(__package__)

[docs]class Status(enum.Enum): """Status codes enum.""" SUCCESS = "success" WARNING = "warning" ERROR = "error"
[docs]class HookResult( collections.namedtuple("HookResult", ("hook", "status", "msg", "data")) ): """Container for storing results from hooks.""" def __new__( cls, hook: str, status: Status, msg: str, data: Mapping[Any, Any] = None, ): """ Args: hook: Name of the hook. status: Status of the hook execution. msg: A hook message. data: Any additional data that the hook would like to report. This is primarily for storing hook results as JSON. """ return super().__new__(cls, hook, status, msg, data)
[docs]class ExtensionParser(argparse.ArgumentParser): """An ArgumentParser specialized for RepoBee extension commands.""" def __init__(self): super().__init__(add_help=False)
[docs]class BaseParser(enum.Enum): """Enumeration of base parsers that an extension command can request.""" BASE = "base" STUDENTS = "students" REPO_NAMES = "repo-names" MASTER_ORG = "master-org"
[docs]class ExtensionCommand( collections.namedtuple( "ExtensionCommand", ( "parser", "name", "help", "description", "callback", "requires_api", "requires_base_parsers", ), ) ): """Class defining an extension command for the RepoBee CLI.""" def __new__( cls, parser: ExtensionParser, name: str, help: str, description: str, callback: Callable[[argparse.Namespace, "apimeta.API"], None], requires_api: bool = False, requires_base_parsers: Optional[Iterable[BaseParser]] = None, ): """ Args: parser: The parser to use for the CLI. name: Name of the command. help: Text that will be displayed when running ``repobee -h`` description: Text that will be displayed when calling the ``-h`` option for this specific command. Should be elaborate in describing the usage of the command. callback: A callback function that is called if this command is used on the CLI. It is passed the parsed namespace and the platform API, and is expected to return nothing. requires_api: If True, the base arguments required for the platform API are added as options to the extension command, and the platform API is then passed to the callback function. It is then important not to have clashing option names. If False, the base arguments are not added to the CLI, and None is passed in place of the API. """ if not isinstance(parser, ExtensionParser): raise exception.ExtensionCommandError( "parser must be a {.__name__}".format(ExtensionParser) ) if not callable(callback): raise exception.ExtensionCommandError( "callback must be a callable" ) return super().__new__( cls, parser, name, help, description, callback, requires_api, requires_base_parsers, ) def __eq__(self, other): """Two ExtensionCommands are equal if they compare equal in all respects except for the parser, as argpars.ArgumentParser instances do not implement __eq__. """ _, *rest = self _, *other_rest = other return rest == other_rest
ReviewAllocation = collections.namedtuple( "ReviewAllocation", "review_team reviewed_team" ) Review = collections.namedtuple("Review", ["repo", "done"])